Your Neighbourhood Plan

February 15th

Great news.

We received 316 yes votes and just 18 against.

94.6% of votes cast were in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan. There was a massive turn out of 334 people from a total electorate of 574 (that works out at a 58% turn out).

This means that the Plan has been approved and it is now adopted as part of Bassetlaw District Council’s planning policy for Sutton.

Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported the Plan over the last three years and especially to everyone who voted YES!


We need everyone to come out and support the Neighbourhood Plan. We’ve been gathering feedback and opinions for over three years we all now have the opportunity to make sure it becomes part of Bassetlaw District Council’s planning policy for Sutton.

A yes vote really is a vote for Sutton.


Referendum Set For Thursday 15th February 2018 at Sutton Village Hall (7am to 10pm)

Polling cards have been sent by Bassetlaw.

You can register for a postal vote or to vote by proxy using the links below.

Vote By Post

Vote By Proxy

You don’t need your polling card to vote on the day, you just need to be on the electoral register.

The referendum has been set for Thursday 15th February at Sutton Village Hall.

Notice of Referendum

The question that will be listed in the referendum is below.

“Do you want Bassetlaw District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Sutton-cum-Lound to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

Information Statement

The document listed below offers additional information on Neighbourhood Plans.

General Information about Neighbourhood Planning and the Referendum

Bassetlaw District Council’s full report from the December meeting can be viewed in the document linked below along with their decision statement.

Full Council Report 

Sutton cum Lound Neighbourhood Development Plan – Decision Statement

The final Neighbourhood Plan document, Examiner’s report and Consultation Statement are linked below.

Neighbourhood Plan

Examiner’s Report

Consultation Summary


14 December 2017 / Bassetlaw District Council Meeting

Great news on the progress of the Plan, it has been approved by Full Council. The next step is to arrange for the referendum.


16 November 2017

Final recommendation from the Independent Examiner

I recommend to Bassetlaw District Council that the Sutton cum Lound Neighbourhood Plan, modified as specified above, should proceed to a Referendum based on the Sutton cum Lound Neighbourhood Area as approved by Bassetlaw District Council on 28 June 2015.

Final examiner’s report


Another key milestone has been passed with the independent examination of the Neighbourhood Plan being approved.

The Plan is now passed on for final endorsement from Bassetlaw District Council at their next meeting in December. From here we hope to have the referendum set in early 2018.

Also one of the Neighbourhood Plan’s preferred sites has been granted planning permission. Its great news for Sutton with the goal of the landowner being to fund a new access road for farm vehicles which will help to alleviate agricultural traffic from coming through the village.

Planning Application


We’ve taken another step forward.

Bassetlaw District Council have completed the Neighbourhood Planning Regulation 16 consultation. The Plan has now been passed to an independent examiner for inspection.

We’re hoping to have more progress in Autumn.



The Neighbourhood Plan has been used by Bassetlaw District Council in the Planning process to help determine two applications.

Application 17/00300/OUT

Application 16/00682/OUT


20th June 2017

We are delighted to have submitted our Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents to Bassetlaw District Council for inspection.

Copies of the documents can be downloaded using the links below.

Neighbourhood Plan

Basic Conditions Statement

Consultation Statement


We were pleased to attend the Annual Parish Meeting and to catch up with residents and to give everyone an update on progress so far.


The statutory consultation on the Pre-Submission Plan came to a close on 16th February.  Work has been ongoing and we had a great meeting at The Gate Inn with coffee and lots of cake.


Our consultation event was well supported and it was great to get some good feedback on the Draft Plan.

Draft Plan Consultation Leaflet

22nd December 2016

We’re pleased to have our Draft Plan and accompanying documents ready for everyone to view. Please let us know your thoughts and ideas.

Draft Plan
Consultation Summary
Site Assessment
Site Assessment Criteria

The last consultation event was well attended and both the policies and site allocations were well supported.

November Consultation


We are holding an informal meeting on Thursday 24th November between 5 and 8pm at the Village Hall to give everyone the opportunity to catch up on the progress of the Plan. The preferred sites chosen by the community and the Plan’s policies will be on on display.


The preferred sites are shown in links below

NP11   NP05   NP03

The key policies that will help guide the Neighbourhood Plan can be downloaded in the link below.

Key Policies

September and October

The new Bassetlaw Plan was announced at the Bassetlaw Rural Conference and the consultation period started on 17th October.

Bassetlaw Plan

The Bassetlaw Plan can be viewed here.

Feedback can be sent here.


Our stall at the village school’s Great Sutton Show was well received and we were pleased to catch up with residents and discuss the latest developments.

Great Sutton Show

May and June

More work was completed by the steering group with the help and guidance of our Planning Consultant. We also held a stall at the Annual Parish Council Meeting in May.

The Consultation Summary providing analysis of the feedback received can be viewed here.


Work has started on the initial stages of the draft Neighbourhood Plan. Our Planning Consultant is reviewing the work and analysis that we have completed so far.

There is still lots of opportunity to have your say and we will be holding more events in the near future.

Site Assessment Map


Our open evening was really well supported with over eighty residents attending. We gathered some great feedback on all aspects of the Neighbourhood and there was a lot of interest in the Site Assessment report. The feedback is being analysed and will be incorporated in to the draft plan.

March 2016


We’re hosting an open evening on 3rd March to discuss the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan so far. The key points for discussion are the Plan’s objectives, vision, projects and the site assessment report.

Neighbourhood Plan Leaflet

Analysis of the questionnaire was distributed to the village and a copy can be downloaded using the link below.

Questionnaire Analysis

The objectives and vision for the plan can be viewed using the link below.

Objectives and Vision

An initial list of projects that have been identified through the Plan can be seen using the link below.


The site assessment map is shown below.

Site Assessment Map


More work has been done on the questionnaire’s analysis and its interpretation. The Steering Group has met with the Planning Consultant and has been working hard with Bassetlaw District Council’s team as well.


Lots of responses have suggested sites where development could take place. To make sure this is properly represented in the Neighbourhood Plan we are conducting a Site Assessment where landowners and residents can nominate land for consideration.

Bassetlaw District Council are contacting all landowners and the map below shows their initial set of potential sites. Much of this is drawn from previous work completed by the Council when considering sites and housing throughout Bassetlaw for their Core Strategy.

Sutton sites


With over 35 businesses operating or being registered within the Parish, a separate questionnaire was distributed and a dedicated open evening has been arranged for Thursday 19th.

Business Questionnaire


We have had over 165 returned questionnaires which is more than we had hoped for.

201510 NP Collection Box

All returned questionnaires were entered into a prize draw for an Apple iPad Mini 2.

The Parish Council Chairman, Ron Beare completed the draw on Tuesday 13th October during Meet the Neighbours at The Gate Inn. With almost 40 onlookers, the lucky winner was Sharon Holland.

October 2015 iPad Mini 2 Draw

Our two open evenings were well attended as well with dozens of residents coming along to meet the Steering Group and discuss the progress so far.


We also are fortunate to have had input from the children at Sutton school. They were asked what they like, what they don’t like and how they would improve the village.

Sutton School

Now the analysis begins and the Steering Group can start to draft the consultation summary.


A questionnaire was posted to every house in the village and copies can be downloaded from here.

You can complete it online too using the link below.

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

This is based on the responses from our initial three simple questions. Its really important that everyone takes this opportunity to have their say in the future of the village.

Plus there is an iPad Mini 2 to be won – all you have to do is return a completed questionnaire and you will be included in the prize draw.

We launched the questionnaire at a quiz held at the Village Hall on Friday 25th September. We had a great night with over sixty people supporting us!

Quiz Night



With just over one hundred completed leaflets, feedback through conversations and comments compiled on maps of the village, our analysis has started.

Three members of the Steering Group are working through the responses and we aim to have a more detailed questionnaire ready for distribution at the end of the month.


Our stall at The Great Sutton Show gave us a fantastic opportunity to discuss the plan with local residents. The prize draw of a barrel of booze provided some extra encouragement and it was good to have the time to talk to villagers and gather feedback.

The Great Sutton Show


Our first leaflet was sent out to everyone in the village with three simple questions.

  1. What do you like about the village?
  2. What don’t you like about the village?
  3. How do you think the village can be improved?

June’s Leaflet

We held our first event on Friday 26th June at the Village Hall. The Family Fun Night was well attended and we got some great feedback for the Neighbourhood Plan.


Family Fun Night

We received some really interesting comments and it was great to villagers take such an interest in the Plan.

Sutton Map


Plus we’ve spoken to different groups ranging from Meet The Neighbours, WI and Church, to get their thoughts and opinions.


The first meeting for the Steering Group was held at the Village Hall on 6th May. Meetings have generally taken place once a week and minutes are available to view online.


Volunteers were invited the create a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. Leaflets were distributed throughout the village and following a drop in meeting, fifteen volunteers formed the Steering Group.


We started to secure funding for the project and our initial grant application was registered. Our Facebook page also began to take shape.


The application for the Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Bassetlaw District Council and this was advertised in the Retford Times.

Retford Times Designation Notice

Neighbourhood Plan Application – February 2015

Neighbourhood Plan Scoping Map

After six weeks the application was granted.


A Community Planning Officer attended the Parish Council meeting and outlined what could be achieved, the support on offer and how the process works.

Later in the month the Parish Council took the decision to go ahead with a Neighbourhood Plan.



A Plan was discussed at the monthly meeting and it was agreed to accept the invitation from Bassetlaw District Council for a Planning Officer to run through a presentation on the process and benefits.


Sutton Parish Council began to look into what a Neighbourhood Plan could do for the village.

One of the key motivations for this was the now defunct Site Allocation Map from Bassetlaw District Council (published 2013 and subsequently withdrawn).


2013 BDC Site Allocation