What is it?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a document that works to deliver the scale and type of development that local people wish to see in their area.

Once adopted, it sits alongside the Local Authority’s Local Plan and will be used to help determine planning applications that are submitted for the area covered by the Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan Process

Who does it?

A Steering Group made up of local residents who oversee and lead the production of the Plan.

A Steering Group is open to all members of the local community and consists of a mix of Parish Councillors and local residents.

What can it do?

A Neighbourhood Plan can be used to deliver development that the local community wish to see. It can allocate sites or list criteria that all new developments must meet, such as the design, location and type of development.

A Plan can also allocate sites as protected green space and be used to protect important community facilities and environmental assets.

Understanding Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood Plan Road Map

We have help and support at every step of the way to make sure we get everything we need from the Plan. Localilty help manage Neighbourhood Plans and their Quick Guide shows whats involved along the way.

Locality Quick Guide

We’re not alone

12 Neighbourhood Plans are being worked on in Bassetlaw.

1384 Plans are in production across the UK.

46 have been adopted bringing them legal status with their respective local council.

Map - neighbourhood plan applications