Potential Development Sites

We have received lots of thoughts and opinions on where any future development should or shouldn’t take place.

We need to establish what potential sites exist in the village and we are asking for your help. There have been various sites submitted to the District Council in the past and other sites have been suggested through the Neighbourhood Plan residents’ survey conducted in Autumn 2015.

We would like to give all landowners and residents the opportunity to put forward other potential sites to be considered as part of the Neighbourhood Plan process (and for the District Council to consider this as part of the Bassetlaw’s Local Plan).

If you have any other sites you would like to consider, please email joe.davies@bassetlaw.gov.uk or ring 01909 533193 with the details of the site and the landowner’s details before the 8th January 2016. The sites identified to date are shown on the plan below which can be downloaded here.

Sutton sites